We’ll extend the life of obsolete inventory or overstock.

•  We’ll help you find new working capital through reuse, resale and recycling.

•  We’ll destroy proprietary technology and data in our shredder, and give you the opportunity to monitor the process in person or online.

•  We’ll make sure that your organization complies with environmental regulations, and reuse, renew or recycle your products in the most responsible fashion.

•  We’ll give you the tools you need to manage the end of the product life cycle.

We buy, sell, broker and process computer and electronic scrap and non-ferrous metals, including:

• Telecommunications Equipment

• Computer and Network Equipment

• Semiconductor Fab Equipment

• New and Excess Consumer Electronics

• Electronic Scrap (Circuit Boards)

• Manufacturing Scrap and Surplus

• IC’s

• Non-ferrous metals

• Precious metals

Recycling Completes the Cycle

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We buy, sell, broker and process computer

and electronic scrap and non-ferrous metals